Vehicle Keys

Modern Vehicle Key

Nowadays, modern vehicles are fitted with immobiliser systems which prevent the engine from starting unless the correctly encoded transponder chip in the ignition key is present. Should all the keys be lost, a car owner will be faced with much inconvenience and expense. We can make transponder keys for most vehicles (with the exception of those manufacturers which use “rolling” codes such as BMW etc.) and can usually do so more quickly and for less than main dealerships. We can make remote and non-remote keys for most makes of car but we do need to be presented with the existing key before we can advise on cost and tell whether or not the vehicle must also be present. For customers whose keys have been damaged, we carry many spare key blades and cases and can often provide a cost-effective solution to the problem. 

Our extensive range of key blanks allows us to make keys for pre and post-war, vintage and classic, British, European and American cars, motorcycles and scooters etc. We can make keys for light aircraft, military vehicles, fire engines, outboard motors, milk floats, jet skis, tractors, golf buggies, wheelchairs, fork lift trucks, JCBs and cranes etc. Our data bases contain over 3000 million key codes and stretch back in time to when keys were first given numbers. So if you are looking for keys by number to a 1920’s Rolls Royce, a 1950’s Messerschmitt bubble car, a 1960’s Lambretta scooter or an old Ross & Oliva yacht from Barcelona then please don’t be afraid to ask. Dealing with collectors, enthusiasts and restorers is the part of our business which we enjoy the most. As far as we are concerned, the more obscure the requirement the better we like it. Where key numbers are not available, we can make keys to the locks for old vehicles if they are brought to our workshops.


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