We launched our half-price promise and this is how it works. If you bring to us a working lock of a known manufacturer with a working key we undertake to re-pin or re-lever the lock and provide two new keys to suit for no more than half the list price of a new lock. This offer does not apply to non-rekeyable padlocks or exclusive section cylinders but it will cover about 95% of all household and commercial locks. As a matter of course, we would clean, service and lubricate any lock which we treated in this way and would not hand it back to you if we did not believe it had many years of service left in it. In the case of good quality mortice locks such as Chubb we waive the requirement for a working key and the cost of re levering the lock is very often much less than half the list price. This is a an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way to reduce waste in our throwaway world. This offer is not for a limited time but will, from now on, be a permanent one.
Keymakers (London) Ltd.